January 27, 2013


Leaving London to move to New York takes planning and preparation. What will you do, what do you want to do and how will I do it?

I got up and left London, with a J-1 visa, 2 suitcases and a big dream! 8 years later I’m still here, enchanted by this city that conspires to never want me to leave.

Moving to New York is an ambitious move many Londoners dream of doing. Bigger city, more opportunities, new surroundings, and just maybe you will meet the love of your life in the meantime.

But no move or work is guaranteed without the golden ticket that is a work permit, and you can’t get a work permit without a visa.

So here are your options:

A J-1visa is for USA Exchange Visitors to wish to take up an internship or trainee program with a US host company for up to 18 months. To find out more visit www.ciee.org

L1 Visa allows international companies to transfer workers to the US to work, if you work for an international company there is a possibility you can move to the US and work for the same company if they have job opportunities.

H1B Visa allows an employer in the United States to employ foreign workers in speciality occupations for a period of up to six years. This is quite a difficult visa to get, as you need to prove that no one else local can do the job.

O Visa - If you are rather skilled in your profession and have press and accolades to prove it, then you can apply for an O Visa, which is for aliens with Extraordinary talent/ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics.

Wanna take the plunge, just do it! What are you waiting for?

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