February 26, 2013

Great British Biscuits - Another thing that quirky Brits like

A cuppa tea with a biscuit is a favorite past time for us Brits. While Americans prefer coffee and donuts, there is something to be said for dunking a Rich Tea biscuit in your tea - Divine!

It is a well known fact that Brits love tea, and still remains a tradition in many households to enjoy tea and biscuits as an afternoon snack. Friends coming over? ‘Let’s put the kettle on and open a packet of biscuits’

There are over 100 varieties of biscuits and everyone has their favorite. I practically grew up on Rich Tea biscuits and resistant to try any other brand. They are just perfect for tea dunking!

If you fancy enjoying the tea time traditions of Britain in New York,
you can check out Tea and Sympathy and The Crosby St Hotel both offer afternoon High Tea.