March 8, 2012

The other evening, while on the way home from the Jewish Museum after taking in the Kehinde Wiley preview. I stumbled upon - to my delight The London Candy Store! I couldn’t Adam ‘n’ Eve it! (believe it) Here all the way uptown on the Upper East Side of Lexington Ave at 94th a candy store devoted to British confectionery. Through the guard rails I spotted jars of my favourite sweets and chocolate bars: Crunchie, Revels, Malteasers, Flake, Yorkies, Munchies, Minstrels, Areos and all sorts of Cadbury treats. Wow!

I will have to take a trip there again soon. New York may win in many other departments like great restaurants, but when it comes to candy, you don’t know quality until you have tasted a real Cadbury’s chocolate bar made in Birmingham, where quality is sweetened with sugar cane, over the standard corn syrup in U.S. candy. Until then well…you got Hersey’s Reeses Peanut Buttercups.

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